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Welcome to the Maid Cafe

Milk Pink Maid Cafe is the premier pink pop-up maid cafe!

Inspired by maid cafes of Akihabara we strive to provide an authentic cafe experience in a sweet pink atmosphere.

With unique and fun presentations rooted in maid cafe culture,

we invite you to "think pink with Milk Pink!"

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Pink Sugar

Inside the Cafe

When you arrive you will be greeted with the traditional Maid Cafe "おかえりなさい ません" which means Welcome Home!

We have group and table games available as well as audience interactions. 

Each session includes live performances. Get excited to cheer on your favorite maids as they perform their favorite routine.

The desserts are not only delicious but super cute! Be sure to take photos of them nyan~

Create sweet memories with your friends. Take photos or purchase cute merch. Be sure to ask for Maids permission before taking a photo of them~

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